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Our Transit

Traveling by bike or electric vehicle in Auburn is easy, and it's getting even easier. Find information about existing chargers and proposed chargers below as well as proposed bike routes. 

Sustainability Committee's Role

We look for opportunities to advocate for cleaner transit and more EV chargers. 

Advocate for the implementation of the Bike Masterplan.

Let's clean up


Existing EV Charger Locations

Proposed EV Charger Locations

Electric Vehicle Chargers in Auburn

Given how many people enjoy biking for pleasure in Auburn, you may find it surprising how few bike lanes we have on our roads. Bike lanes encourage and make safer peddle-powered transportation. Luckily, the City of Auburn has a Bike Masterplan, mapped out below. The committee is advocating for its implimentation.

Auburn bikeMP overall plan.jpg

Bike Commuting in Auburn

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