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Promoting City Initiatives: Auburn Transit

The City of Auburn Transit Services has initiated a new program for on-demand ride services that are accessible from a ride hailing app via a process similar to commercial operators Uber and Lyft. The app "TransLoc” is available for Apple and Android phones and links Auburn transit to a management service dedicated to safe, sustainable, and reliable operations.

Combining this mobility service to a growing fleet of electric buses is another step forward in reducing carbon emissions along with total vehicle miles traveled by the agency. Research has found that the average ride-hailing trip currently produces more greenhouse gas emissions than the trip it displaces, because drivers spend a third of their time cruising without riders and only rarely carry multiple riders. The good news is that electric vehicles, which emit no pollution from their tailpipes and are fueled by a power grid that gets cleaner all the time, are a great fit for the transit drivers who spend time on the road, the emissions savings from electrifying a ride-hailing vehicle are nearly three-times as high as they are for electrifying an average vehicle in California

The on-demand feature targets riders specific needs with more responsive service, and the cost to riders makes it an affordable and appealing option in getting around Auburn.

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