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Zero Waste

Everything we buy has a carbon footprint, the screen you are reading this on, the chair you are sitting on, the food you had for breakfast, toothbrush, car, cellphone, boxes bags, you name it. More than 40% of our climate impact in the US comes from producing and disposing of our stuff and our food. These impacts are called “consumption emissions”. When looking for climate solutions, many people forget to see the potential in their trashcans and shopping carts. The more things we buy and keep throwing it away, the more energy it takes to make new stuff and the faster climate change accelerates. If we are not looking at all the sources of our emissions, we are not looking at all the solutions either. It is as important to look at trash cans as it is smokestacks and tailpipes to find ways to reduce carbon emissions.


Consumption emissions are low-hanging fruit; you and I and our communities can choose to make progress in waste management today and immediately start benefiting the climate. “Zero Waste” solutions can be so simple that future generations may wonder why we did not do this sooner. Zero Waste's goal is to reduce our resource use to a level the planet can sustain and also looks at ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

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We can achieve

Sustainably Committee’s Role

Join us in educating restaurants on how to switch to compostable to-go containers. Download our useful flyers and go talk with them about why compostable food containers are important to you. 

We also offer assistance to businesses to find the right compostable product for their needs. Businesses can contact Annie at 916-705-1325.

It’s not just up to each of us to change, we need to change the systems around us. We need to invest in infrastructure like composting and recycling plants instead of landfills and incinerators and create policies that support their use. What do we get for investing in zero waste? We can reduce our climate impact by 40 percent, save money by buying less, which will create less trash and will make our landfills last longer. And we can do this immediately and inexpensively. Adopting zero waste policies is one of the quickest and cheapest ways a community can immediately reduce climate impact. So that's our choice, perpetuate the problem or prevent the problem and help reverse it.

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Includes our list of alternative products!

to Single-Use Plastics

Know what to Look for

There are good options to single-use plastics! One of the easiest ways to reduce your use of harmful plastics is to switch to compostable to-go containers, cups, and utensils.


The best way to know that a product is compostable is if the box has this symbol:


BPI is the leading biodegradable plastics certification organization in North America. The Biodegradable Products Institute provides third-party certification for product and packaging manufacturers.

If you are unsure about a product, you can call

1-888-BPI-LOGO (274-5646) or search for a product here

Alternatively, allow customers to bring in their own to-go containers from home. If you aren’t comfortable handling your customer’s containers, consider putting their food on plates and allowing them to place their food into their containers themselves.

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Screen Shot 2021-12-17 at 11.49.53 AM.png
Where to Buy

Eco-friendly to-go boxes are sold at Restaurant Depot in Roseville for a reasonable price. Restaurant Depot in Roseville sells eco-friendly to-go boxes for a reasonable price. They carry Tellus Products, which makes bowls and clamshell to-go boxes entirely of sugar cane. Their products are not BPI certified. 


There are also local companies that will deliver BPI-certified to-go boxes and cups:


WPC Solutions

408 819-4639

United Natural Foods (UNFI)

(916) 625-4100


Companies that make BPI-certified to-go Products


World Centric

Located in Rohnert Park



Greenware- Fabri-Kal Corp

Located in Kalamazoo, MI 



Karat Earth

Located in Chino, CA 

Also available through Lolli Cup USA

Ever wonder how long waste remains in the environment?
Get Help Selecting a New Product

Finding suitable products can be challenging and we understand that every business has different needs.
Please let us know if we can help and thanks for your consideration. 

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