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Auburn's Planning Library

This library brings together the largest digital database of planning documents relating to the City of Auburn that we know of. Citizens and the City of Auburn have created many visionary plans over the last several decades. Until now, most of these documents have been difficult to locate and often have not been digitized.

We provide public access to these documents as a way to support thoughtful planning efforts in the City of Auburn. Some of Sustain Auburn's initiatives that have benefited from this library are the citywide baseline analysis, urban forest canopy plan, clean transit plan, and clean power plan.

All Reference Documents

How to Use the Library

Double-click on folder icons to explore a folder's contents, or search keywords in the document titles in the upper right. 

This collection is for reference only, please contact the author for permission for other uses. We do not ensure that the version of the documents here is the most current version or that the information in the documents is complete or correct.

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Thank you Genevieve Marsh Design Group for maintaining the Library. 

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