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concern into action?

How can I transform 

Thanks for asking! We hope these local opportunities, resources and rebates, and general tips can make taking action a little easier. We recognize it can be overwhelming to figure out what actions best promote greater sustainability. Taking action feels good. And let’s be honest, that’s important to combat the grief and anxiety that comes with facing harsh environmental realities. We won’t sugarcoat the challenge by saying individual actions can solve climate change. Change will also be needed at national and global levels; yet know your actions, both as a consumer and an engaged citizen, send a message and lead to changes on a larger scale. Each single-use plastic container refused, each waterwise yard, each conversation with a neighbor, each electric vehicle, each solar roof makes a difference. So let’s get to it!

Lily and Pizza

Is an EV practical for life in the Foothills?

Preparation for donation

Local guide to where to take your old stuff for reuse.

Local guide to where take your recyclables.

Putting Garbage Bag

Did you know what in Auburn you can buy green power without buying solar panels?

Food Waste Compost

Lesons learned from composting in Auburn.

Search our shortlist of useful resources on a range of sustainable topics.

Solar Power Station

Let's get your solar planning started.

Lily and Pizza

Reduce your trash bill with these handy local tips.

Business Team

Propose an action or share a resource that can help Auburn be more sustainable.

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