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Bike to Train to Beyond - New Bike Lane Connector

The Nevada Street sidewalk and bike lane improvements create a bike link between the Transit Center (Train Station) and Old Town / Downtown. By completing this segment, bicyclists are provided with improved access to the Capitol Corridor Train service, an alternative commute option to destinations in the Sacramento Valley or Bay Area.

Designed as a Class II Bike Lane, it provides a restricted right-of-way designated for the

exclusive or semi-exclusive use of bicycles. Through-travel by motor

vehicles or pedestrians is prohibited, but vehicle parking and crossflows

by pedestrians and motorists are maintained. Caltrans standards generally

require a 4-foot bike lane with a 6-inch white strip separating the roadway from the bike lane.

This segment is part of a larger vision- the City of Auburn Bikeway Master Plan. The purpose of the City of Auburn Bikeway Plan is to develop a city-wide bikeway network that coordinates with the regional bikeway plan and complies with the requirements of the California Bicycle Transportation Act.

Bicycling is becoming an increasingly popular transportation mode for commuting, running errands, fitness, and recreation. We encourage you to dust off your bike and explore Auburn!


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