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What is Sustainability?

In short, sustainability means caring about the lives of our children and grandchildren, and the world we leave them.

Sustainability means the use, development, and protection of resources in a way that enables current residents to meet their needs and maintain a high quality of life without compromising the ability of future residents to do the same.


Sustainability may require new behaviors or hard choices, yet often these very actions save money, improve our lifestyles, and increase wellbeing! Renewable energy, water conservation, lowering emissions, reducing waste, smart growth and planning are sustainable practices that can enhance Auburn’s economic vitality, protect our beautiful environment, provide cleaner air, food, and water, and help tackle world-wide environmental issues such as climate change.

Our future depends on a knowledgeable, empowered, and energized community working together.

If you cannot measure impacts, you cannot manage them. 

Sustainability Snapshot


Auburn's Planning Library

Plan projects effectively by integrating and validating them with existing research. Access the largest digitized public library of maps and reports on Auburn.

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