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Nectar Café cooks with sustainability in mind

The mission of Nectar Cafe is to help patrons and the planet thrive by providing delicious, local, organic, healthy food, as well as events, education, and a welcoming place for friends and the community to connect. Owners Tomi Sue & Roy Cunningham aim to treat customers as guests in their home. As dedicated foodies, they love to make food that tastes delicious and helps the body feel great. The menu is created and updated by talented chefs who are trained in nutrition, raw, and vegan cooking, as well as fine dining.

Ingredients are In-season, mostly organic, and locally sourced as much as possible. Organic, fresh, high-quality menu items are Vegetarian and Vegan and made from scratch daily (including vegetable stock from scratch that is used to cook soups, beans, and other items). This reduces food waste dramatically.

General Manager Katie Schleder also emphasizes Nectar’s commitment to using compostable, bio-degradable food containers as an essential part of their mission to help the planet thrive. From sourcing ingredients to delivering their product, Nectar embraces sustainable practices as essential to their business plan. And the food is great!


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